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IY - Movie 2 Castle Beyond The Looking Glass

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The Look
Source: Movie
Layers: 6
Sketches: 18
Cel Number: 1
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Added 2/3/2006
Updated 2/14/2006
I waaaay overpaid for this because I wanted it so much. The first time I saw this movie, I knew about that other scene but this one completely took my breath away.

Inuyasha and Kagome are sitting around the fire talking. Kagome askes Inuyasha if he still wants to become a full demon. He says yes of course silly question...Kagome says "I like you the way you are." Inuyasha, secretly pleased, turns away and tells Kagome to not talk such nonsense. Kagome angry that he's not taking her seriously grabs his shoulder, and he turns toward her.....

That ever-so-slight hint of a smile cemented this scene in my heart as my favorite moment for this couple.

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