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Never have I laughed so hard and so consistantly through an entire series. I adore all of the characters but Kyouya is my favorite.

 Haruhi and Kyouya

 Tamaki Haruhi and Kyouya

 Haruhi and Kyouya

 Twins, Haruhi and Tamaki


 Sad Shiro

 Tamaki and Shiro

 Honey Glomps Shiro

 Kaoru, Tamaki, and Hikaru

 Host Club Backsides

 Lost in a Commoner's world

 Host Club Members

 Distressed Host Club

 Host Club Members

 Discount Deluxe Sushi

 But the portions are so small....

 Hikaru and Kyouya

 Honey Mori and Kaoru

 Kyouya offers to pay..

 Tamaki disciplines Hikaru

 Kaoru, Tamaki, and Hikaru

 Haruhi and Tamaki

 Ryuuji (Ranka) Fujioka

 Kotoko Fujioka

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