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I'm still standing
last modified: Wednesday, March 02, 2011 (10:15:43 PM CST)
I am still around and still collecting. Just announcing to those who wonder. Sensei's recent posts here and on Beta have drawn me out of my cavern. ;) I haven't been active lately because every new post seemed to be of sales and I don't need to be tempted with my other project taking most of my time and money.

I am still collecting and active in the cel scene.

I am also trying to figure out who is looking at my Honey and Clover collection...and why don't you ever comment? Traffic there has picked up and I loved that series. I would love to meet another H&C fan. Just sayin'.

Still here, still somewhat active.

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Sellers Beware
last modified: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 (6:31:41 AM CST)
Time wasters, what are you going to do?

Normally I wouldn't do this but sometimes the community needs to be warned.

I recently was contacted about a DBZ cel, asked if it was for sale. I gave a quote and was assured the buyer wanted the cel. Just wanted another scan of the sketch and background. I complied with additional scans. Next the person wanted to know if I was trying to sell a fancel because the numbers weren't visible. Normally I let things like this roll off my back because some people are pains in the ass and need to be accommodated but in this particular case I just didn't have the time nor inclination. My daughter is graduating and I have a family obligations that are keeping me in RL.

So I just didn't accomodate this person, (I provided him with my ebay id and feedback as an alternative) and now he's backing out of the deal. Normally I wouldn't bother with a post like this but some things stink about this whole affair. One he's not from any of the online communities I frequent, I don't recognize his name. Two he has no online gallery so very private is he. And three he wasted what time I do spend on line, limited as it is.

So DBZ collectors be warned. If you want to know what name and what email to avoid just contact me through RS I can give you the details.

Back to your life citizens....
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Happy New Year You All!
last modified: Monday, January 01, 2007 (12:42:57 AM CST)
Hey there from the laziest blogger on the planet! I've had my champange and my money bath and I want to wish all my cel buds the best for the coming year!
What's a money bath you ask? I'll tell you. It's where you take a shower or a bath before midnight with money. Lather up with money and cleanse away the poverty for another year. Where I got this yearly tradition I forget....I've had a lot of champange....All I know is money of any kind is supposed to wash away your poverty - it won't make you rich, god knows it hasn't for me, but it keeps you out of the poor house. :D

Any ways - Have a Happy and Safe New Year You Wonderful Building and Loan...er um...Rubbersluggers You!!!!
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Better than finding a Wishlist Cel
last modified: Saturday, September 23, 2006 (8:49:08 PM CST)
Around 6 months ago I lost my bracelet, a bracelet that held a lot of sentimental value. It was the only piece of jewlery I wore all the time. I don't wear my wedding rings or anniversary earrings as much as I wore that simple silver bracelet.Since the day my husband put it on my wrist 11 years ago, I never took it off. It would get snagged in my hair, it would catch on sweaters and scarves but I loved it. I wore it so much I would notice instantly if it came off, which it did often, but I always found it usually in my pocket on directly on the floor in front of me. In March it came off and as hard as I looked I couldn't find it. I was sick. For weeks I kept feeling my wrist looking for it.

Today my aunt was over for her weekly visit. She decided to take in and clean the dining room/office and help me organize my desk and all the clutter around it. She picked up a box that held dvd-r media and some cases that I use to ship home movies to the Folks in Ireland, gave it a shake and what falls out? My beloved bracelet! Needless to say the rest of this day could have consisted of speeding tickets, broken dishes and other such crap I would have greeted it all with the biggest shit-eating grin ever. I am on cloud 9, I'm over the moon, I'm .... well you get the idea, I am really really happy. :D
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What does this mean?
last modified: Sunday, April 16, 2006 (3:40:46 PM CST)
My husband and older daughter are on vacation in Ireland, a short visit with his family.

Does he take our 12 year old to Dublin, Galway or Kilkenny? No.

Does he take her to New Grange or Strokestown for a little Irish history? No.

What does he do? Drive around videotaping houses for sale.

What's up with that? O_o
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Why do I even bother?
last modified: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 (12:36:07 AM CST)
I decided to take a chance and stay up for a dealer's timed update. I was there refreshing and waiting - finishing my daughter's school project - and I was there seconds after the update appeared. Had my email preformed. Fired it off seconds after the update and.....Two strange emails later....well another night wasted. Except for my daughter's project - it looks great.
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Calling all Trigun Collectors
last modified: Thursday, March 23, 2006 (9:27:22 PM CST)
I don't know about you, but I love reuniting cels with their dougas.I've seen threads on Anime-Beta about it. It's part of that whole circle of collecting life thing. I managed to track down a couple of douga for a couple of my Trigun cels. They were part of an auction lot of Trigun sketches. More sketches than were originally showing in the auction.@@

Any way, Trigun collectors take a look see if any of the douga match your cels. I've included the cel number in all of the titles for easy browsing. If you see something that matches your cel, contact me through feedback and we'll see about reuniting the two. While there are a few I wouldn't mind keeping, I would rather cel and sketch be reunited. And if you're just plain interested in the sketches, that's cool too. :)
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last modified: Thursday, January 26, 2006 (11:31:56 PM CST)
For the first time ever, I've looked out the back window of my house and see street lights. Not that big a deal to some and I know I shouldn't really complain, they are a ways off. But we've live here for 10 years and prior to that this land and the surrounding lands has been mostly farming lands for 300 years. To see street lights is to say the least disconcerting. And to really drive the whole thing home I'm watching Pom Poko on TCM and feeling like very much like the Tanuki. I guess you can't stand in the way of progress, you can only get out of the way....
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Added some backgrounds
last modified: Monday, December 26, 2005 (6:43:54 PM CST)
Going through and cleaning up scans I noticed some of the cels I've had the longest needed a little TLC - tape and staple removal etc...
I also added a few of my Inuyasha Original Matching Backgrounds to the community background resource.
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Teh wirst customer service.....evah!
last modified: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 (7:45:23 PM CST)
I am speaking from the bottom of a very tall summertime concoction, after taking the shower I should have had this morning. 7 hours this morning I shuttled between MSN and Verizon, doing my dutiful best to restore my email account. "No you have to call Verizon for this...." "I don't know why they'd tell you that Ma'am, but I can't help you" "What you should do is call...blah,blah, blahbity blah....." It began to run all together. I did everything they told me to do and when it seemed that I finally had someone on the line that knew what they were talking about I had to take my daughter to Speech. So I started again after dinner and this time after only 2 more hours, I finally got an answer...sort of...it's in the server. I think they just got tired of laughing at me.

So if you ever hear the words "migrate your account" RUN Trust me, run.
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last modified: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 (8:36:04 PM CST)
I know they're an anime cliche, but damn, it's been a summer for fireflies! I don't think I've ever seen anything like it before. I almost feel guilty driving down our road, they don't fly very fast and I feel like I'm wiping out hundreds at a time. But if you just look into the trees and bushes it's like someone strung fairy lights up in them....just lovely.
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Mother's Day
last modified: Sunday, May 08, 2005 (1:17:41 AM CST)
Today is Mother's Day and while I am a mother and I have no idea what they have in store for me, I am also a daughter.

My mom has Alzheimers and has lived with us for the past 3 years. It's really no big thing. I have a wonderful supportive husband who understands why I have to do this. My girls do accept the situation, and kind of understand why Granny doesn't know who they are. I am lucky in a way, to have so much support. But on a day like today I am reminded of what I've really lost. She doesn't know my name, or remember who I am. She knows me as a kind and helpful person but that is all. On a day like today I am reminded that my mom's body is here, her face is here, but the thing that made her my mom is gone, probably forever. (yes I live in hope) Her memories, her mind are gone and well it just makes me sad. Especially today. I will hug her and give her a card and all today, but it's just a formality.

Someday this disease will be like polio, something people from decades past suffered from. But for now I live in hope and love my mom the best I can. What else can you do?

Happy Mothers Day.
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too long
last modified: Sunday, April 10, 2005 (2:37:28 PM CST)
It started innocently enough. Someone updates their gallery with a series you love, so you check it out. Your curiosity satisfied, you nose around their other series, and of course the wishlist. You see something that interests you, a big guy with a big sword. I wish there had been a warning that cels for Berserk were next to impossible to find. My daily search, my polite inquires and equally polite declines were driving this desperate collector to consider a jigsaw puzzle as my only alternative to a real cel. And all through this my cel bud Baylor had to listen to "Guts....I need Gutsssss" on almost a daily basis. But at last perseverance and a really nice person in Japan rewarded me with a cel that just makes me so damn happy.
And then in another piece of luck, I was able to find manga manuscript copies. So I'm feeling pretty Berserkalicious.....yeah I had to say it.

I know this is supposed to be a daily, weekly or even bi-monthly. I just haven't gotten the hang of it yet.
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The Best
last modified: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 (8:27:43 PM CST)
Well, maybe not THE best, but the Best Background in the 2004 Anime-Beta Awards. Woo hoo! Now I'm going to bore you with the details of how I got that background...I was bidding on some very rough sketches on Mandarake's Everyday Auction. That was all that was showing, Sano, Sayo, and some seagulls. Dirt cheap, the dollar was equal to 120yen, no competition on this auction. A few days later, my mail carrier struggled up the walk with this huge flat pack, at least 4' x 3'. Inside was the rough sketches of Sano, Sayo, some other person I can quite identify, a butt load of seagull sketches, a couple of other backgrounds and this beautiful background with three cels, the layout and a photograph that must have been the inspiration for this setting. It took me over a year to figure out how to scan it properly.
Thanks to all my Beta Buddies who voted for my little gem...I feel good.:)
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the nest
last modified: Sunday, November 07, 2004 (10:35:51 PM CST)
I thought I'd give this a try seeing as I've enjoyed reading other's. I really don't have anything important to say right now. I am just getting over the election - certainly didn't go as I'd hoped. Stem cel research and the environment are really going to take a hit. And my daughter's right to choose under attack. *sigh* Well, I have my cels and I like just about everything on my pizza - except pineapple *ugh* On a very light note, I also enjoy this little Japanese comedy/drama/soap that comes on every Sunday night called "Sakura". I need to read the the subtitles so good-night all.
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